Italian liquor metal seals

So, before the beautiful excise “banderoles” there were the actually beautiful led seals, they were applied to each bottle produced, think of the waiste of led!

And here are the different seals with release dates. Keep in mind that, like for the paper flags, some importers and producers kept using the “older” version of a certain seal or flag until they ran out of them, sometimes a year or more after the new version came out.

The first led, or tin seal was released and used from 27/11/1933 until 31/05/1944. You will notice besides the coat of arms of the Savoia family there are two “fasci” from the “fascist” era, fascio in italian is a “bundle” or “sheaf” with an axe blade on top.

Sigillo Regno Fasci 

Then came the Sigillo Regno (Royal Seal” from 01/06/1944 until 30/12/1947 and it has two curtains instead of the “fasci”

Sigillo Regno

Then came, from 31/12/1947 until 29/04/1949 , the Sigillo Testa (Head Seal), signifying the new Italian Republic.

Sigillo Testa

And last came from 30/04/1949 until 15/06/1959 the Star Seal, or Sigillo Testa. This was the last one, after that came the in-famous paper flags for the joy of all collectors.

Sigillo Stella

So there you have it, I hope it helps. With thanks to my friend Valter for the precise dates.


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