High Strength?

Every once in a while you might need to know if a bottle is “actually” a high strength one. It could be you can’t see the ABV on the label anymore, it can be you’re not too sure of the contents for some reason, so I want to share with you, if you don’t already know this, a trick I have been taught many years ago.

Shake the bottle vigorously  and watch the bubbles that form in the neck, if they disappear very quickly it should be a low alcohol strength bottle, if they linger for a few seconds it should be a high alcohol strength one. It doesn’t always work for some reason, i really do not know why, but i can say 9 out of 10 times it does the trick. Hope it helps.

Shaken vigorously and photo taken after 5 seconds

Bottle on the left is a 56.9% ABV, bottle on the left is a 40% ABV. The bubbles on the latter have almost completely disappeared, while they still linger on the high strength one.


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