Legends of Whisky: Jens Drewitz

Today another Legendary bottler from German Sansibar has kindly replied to our survey. Jens Drewitz. Famous for his care in product selection and placement as well as image and packaging.

jens copia

1.YOUR LOVE FOR THE SPIRIT, HOW DID IT ALL START? Tell us about the first days….

It starts about 18 years ago, i went to a whisky tasting in our city. My wife has bought the tickets as a present to christmas – so at least she was the one bringing me to the whisky world 🙂

2. YOU’RE GOING TO A DESERT ISLAND, YOU CAN TAKE 3 BOTTLES WITH YOU… Which ones will you take and what else (not bottles) would you take?

Springbank Local Barley 1966-2000, cask 510; Karuizawa 1963; Lagavulin 12y white Label white Horse, 43% first rotation. Then a pillow, water and my best friend

3.  Besides Whisky, what is your passion in life? (sports, cars, watches, music etc.) nice people, good food, i love my business


…taste everything, empty not everything, buy only the good stuff and have passion, so you will get the right bottles for drinking and after some time they will become collecting items as well. Don´t go for the bling bling shit !!

5. WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE, if anything, in today’s whisky-world –

let the people with passion into whisky take more control, choose the good casks and sell them for a normal price in order to make people happy about whisky, then you will create a stabile consumer world, not a fake blended business 🙂


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