Legends of Whisky: Max Righi

Well as promised we will start once in a while to place here some advice from our famous Whisky friends who will try through their own experience to impart some knowledge that can hopefully be used by some.

This week my Whisky Brother Max Righi, owner and president of Whisky Antique shop and Silver Seal legendary bottling label.

MAX RIGHI – SIlver Seal and Whisky Antique

1.YOUR LOVE FOR THE SPIRIT, HOW DID IT ALL START? Tell us about the first days….  it was during a two week study time in Scotland which i had won for a Master and in the evening I used to go to whisky bars and during the day I visited Distilleries after lessons and i still remember a phrase which I had been told by a bartender when I said to him that I loved to drink Glenfiddich Glenmorangie and Glen Grant, he told me to “sit down, you obviously don’t know fuck-all about whisky.”

(any bottles, not just the ones you own) Which ones will you take and what else (not bottles) would you take? BOWMORE BICENTENARY SQUARE  BOTTLE- LAPHROAIG 1970 SAMAROLI – MACALLAN 1966 AND A SWEET LIQUOR FOR THE LADY THAT WILL COME WITH ME

3.  Besides Whisky, what is your passion in life? (sports, cars, watches, music etc.)

4. GIVE SOME ADVICE TO THE NEW COLLECTOR and DRINKER: do  not collect only for profit, but also to remember a good whisky that you drank

5. WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE, if anything, in today’s whisky-world

many thing the first is prices ( i would like for single cask to be more reasonably priced, and also i would like to erase the arrogance in certain people who think to be more important than others.
… mmmm and maybe when we try a good whisky and, why not, a very good old blended let’s not play the “who’s got it the biggest” game and enjoy anything that’s good, not just top bottles.


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