How to get a cork out from a bottle?

Well it has happened to us all, try to open an old bottle with a cork cap and… zak… it brakes off, now it’s time to go digging, if you’re good like Angus that’s no big deal, but if you’re bad like me there’s a high, high chance that the cork will end up inside the bottle and then it’s time to go fishing.

My father taught me a small trick, I am posting a video here for reference, basically you empty the bottle in a glass a bit, until the level is well below the shoulder, you will refill it later.

Take a clean plastic bag at least 35cm long, wash the outside of the bag well and even dip your finger in the whisky you poured in the glass earlier and pass it along the surface of the bag, then roll it up and push it inside the bottle making sure the bottom of the bag is below the cork, now inflate it making sure to stop before the whisky starts pouring out of the neck, and play a bit until you can sort of “cage” the cork. Then gently pull until you get it out. Easy right?

Hope it helps.


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